Real Reviews by Real People!

You have an excellent service and I appreciate all you have done in the past. I will recommend you to everyone traveling to NYC!
-Joe Zambito

Very Nice Service. Nice Car. Surprised me with water and mints!
-P. Woodard

Your service is extremely good. I have not used any car service like yours and I will speak to my boss so our entire company can use you for car service in New York..
-Sandy, Hess Corporation – Houston, TX

Quickest service. I was expecting to wait at the airport curbside for at least a good 15 minutes before I would get a car but I couldn’t believe your driver pulled up while I was on the phone with your dispatch! That was just what the reservation agent said, “Your driver will pull up in about 3-5 minutes once you call us from the curbside”. I was surprised by the mints & water. I have used car service around the US and have not seen anything like this. I was more than satisfied, no words to explain. Thanks!
-James Nobel

I loved your service; everything was just like you said!
-C Hadsall, VET Foundation

Incredible service. Nice Car! Water and mints?!

Friendly, well suited drivers. Very knowledgeable. I will be a regular.
-Diane Miller

Simply the best in New York City! Don’t hesitate to book with these guys. You’re in good hands!
-Brian Matthews, Premier NYC Concierge Services